A sleek lighting option for your workspace-Review

A sleek lighting option for your workspace-Review

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When the pandemic sent millions of workers from the company office to the home office, many of us realized that our work-from-home setup was less than ideal for productivity.  Upgrading our desktop space became a priority, and one of the most important aspects of this is lighting.

The Lastar LED Desk Lamp is the latest edition to my workspace and I’m really excited to be using it.  Let’s check it out.

What’s in the box?

  • Lastar LED Desk Lamp (model CM001)
  • AC power adapter
  • User guide

Design and features

Lastar is a brand that focuses on smart lighting products for consumers. The lamp comes with its own power cable that provides 10V 1.2A of power. There is a USB-A port on the backside of the lamp that can be used to charge other devices. 

The lamp has an adjustable design and can fold between 90º and 180º. It has responsive touch controls that include a power button, color temperature button, timer, night light button, and brightness adjustment bar.

Color modes

The LED Desk Lamp provides up to 400 LM of brightness for reading, working, and writing. The Lamp has four color modes which you can cycle through by pressing the “M” button on the lamp’s base.the four modes are as follows:

  • Study Mode – The brightest, most “blue” light, intended to promote concentration while studying.  (6000k-6500K color temperature)
  • Reading Mode – This is a mid-range color temperature that is intended to help you focus on reading. (4300K-5300K color temperature)
  • Relaxation Mode – Moving more into the “warmer” color temperatures, this mode is intended to promote relaxation and improve mood. (2500K-3300K color temperature)
  • Nightlight Mode – The “warmest” of the four modes, this one is intended to provided a soft, gentle light in an amber tone to promote relaxation and sleep.  This mode appears to function somewhat like the “Night Shift” mode on Apple devices.   (2500K-3300K color temperature)

User Experience

The lamp is preassembled and there is no complicated assembly to go through in order to use the lamp. The only thing that needs to happen to operate the lamp is to plug it into power and tap the power button. I’m a big fan of the small footprint the lamp leaves on the desktop. Since it folds up, it can be stored easily when it’s not in use. The controls are very easy to understand. I especially like the brightness adjustment bar. You simply run your finger across it to turn the brightness up or down. I was really surprised at how bright the lamp actually got. The color temperature options are quite nice. Sometimes you want more of a daylight color than a warm yellow glow. Fortunately, you can have both with this lamp. 


If you are looking for a minimal, easy-to-operate lamp that produces great lighting, I would recommend this LED lamp. It’s affordable, easy to use, and produces awesome light.


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